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December 16, 2013
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Angels and Demon Tier 2 AUCTION [CLOSED] by SeraphEnigma23 Angels and Demon Tier 2 AUCTION [CLOSED] by SeraphEnigma23

y for the long wait guys but my company had us working 2 straight shifts til Saturday and I was burned out!]

[Will edit comment box links later!]

This is a 5-Day auction adoptable sale. I need munnie for hospital medicines and vaccination for Anubis.

Increase by: 2$
AB: Offer an AB Price! [There are conditions.]

*AB Price should be above 40$.
*If one wants added features then the AB price also increases. Be fair in pricing.
*If there are two offers. Then a bidding war will decide who gets it.
*If no one challenges the bid b
y the next time I check. the adopt belongs to the one who offered first. No challenges. No buts. No coconuts.

This isn't first come first served.

NOTE! Please bid the correct Adopt number box. Thanks!
It would help me a lot if you can reply to the highest bidder.Since I will be busy and can come back a few times a da
y to check the bids...

*Winner gets the unmarked Pair of Adoptables in png.
*AB adopts gets their own sheet.

PLS. offer to the correct comment box. Outside offers will be ignored.


#01: Pride Demon Lucifer: SB *WritingRin

y Demon Levia: 17$ *Superdemon-Inuyasha

#03: Sloth Demon Belphegor : SB

#04: Glutton
y Demon Beelza: SB*Jardineparrot

#05: Cherubim Angel Rafiela: AB *Jardineparrot

#06: Dominion Angel Zack: SB: *dragonchick0339

#07: Arch-Angel Uriel: 19$*Superdemon-Inuyasha

#08: Throne Angel Ori: AB *dragonchick0339

 [DEADLINE]: AUCTION Ends @ Dec 22 2013. 12 PM PH time.</strike>

Other Open Adopts:

Closed ATM for Commissions/Custom Adoptables!

Click here for more info: Commission PricesHi,I am Sera and welcome to my commission ID journal.[Updated Prices!]
How to Commission me:
Easy. Just note me. or message me on my DA page if you wanna ask questions or keep it unofficial if you are not sure of picking me for your commission.
How to pay me:
OPTION 1: Paypal
Simple. We agree on what you want done (and I give the run-down of prices.) I'll note my email and once I get the money(full/half payment.) you will be on the list.
Note: One must have a Paypal account for this I think? I don't do Snail Mail.
OPTION 2: Points
There are two ways of paying here:
:damphyr:When I reply "Send the points over." One must send it the usual way.
For newbies using this option, Click on the "Points icon" when your cursor touches "Shop" icon on the upper right. Click "Give Points". Send to me *SeraphEnigma23. Done and done!
:damphyr:I now use the "Premium" Settings for the Points System. Meaning unless I say "send the points over" (the usual way), I will
Custom Adoptable SectionHi, I am Sera and welcome to my custom adoptable section.
Commissions was being too long so I moved my Adopts here.
What are Adoptables?
Adoptables are designs that the artist creates and is adopted by a buyer that is interested.
The buyer then retains the right to make a story, RP the character,commission others to draw the character and even draw his/her design themselves. Even slight changes of color palette and hairstyles are allowed.
The original art though still belongs to me.So a credit of the original concept is welcomed.
Also I would love it if one shows me art of the concept bought from me. :heart:
What is a Custom Adoptable?
Basically if you don't see any concept you like in my pre-made batches. One commissions me to make an adoptable according to their tastes. I can still make it using my concepts but mostly the customer can make the decision of the concept used.
Slightly more pricier than premade ones but It is worth it right?
How to Commission me:

Terms of Use:
:damphyr:If the design is to be changed please note me about it.
:damphyr:Color pallette can be changed once bought.
:damphyr:No reselling once bought,you may gift it but tell me to whom so that I may change the owner.
:damphyr:you may say it is your character once bought but artwork and design, please credit me.that is all I ask for.
:damphyr:One can ask for recoloring of the designs once the adoptable is bought.
:damphyr:When you buy from me. you bought the design not what I drew.
:damphyr:No refunds once bought so choose carefully.
:damphyr:Allow ME to reply whether I accept or not before sending me points or cash.
:damphyr:First come first served when buying adopts. As the rule implies except when I am doing Auctions/Make your Offer with a fixed price bracket.
:new::damphyr: I have 2 methods in "Name your Price/make an offer".
If you see this:
"Price:500-600 pts./5-6$" This is First come first served Make your Offer.It gives those with low offers to be accepted.
but the FCFS is void if you see this:
"Price:No fixed Price. Offer anything that isn't a below 100 points/1 $"It is an outbidding Make your Offer, so knock yourselves out.
:damphyr: When I am doing Auctions, I will place bid comments on the numbers, reply there so I can track who is the current highest bidder. Reply there also if you wanna outbid the highest bidder.I will give the adopt to whomever bids the highest till the end of Auction.
:damphyr: Bids of either regular or autobuying will be reminded to bid at the "Bid" Sections for me to keep track. I will remind those who reply outside of it but it helps to read right?
:damphyr: Holding/Reserving an adopt is now only for 24 hours.After that it will open like it or not. (Unless you are a good friend of mine <3.)
:damphyr:No adopt offer limit on this sheet(Does not count when in another sheet). Please give my babies a good home. (Seriously I am attached to my adopts.)
:damphyr:Due to some concerns. I will look at the buyer's DA Accounts before agreeing to any purchase just to make sure that they are indeed going to take care of my babies. Recent Adopt theft left me feeling anxious. No offense to you genuine adopt lovers.
I need to do this for security and to make sure my adopts gets good homes and nobody gets tricked.
:damphyr:Please treat me and my artwork with respect, do not resell and don't bash me if you don't like how I price them, remember if you buy my adoptables it means you buy also my hours of conceptualizing,coloring and shading of my work, In other words I spent time on my work.So please...think of that.
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So how does the autobuy work? When you make an offer is there a time laps for the other person to try to autobid too? Or is the War of Autobids Only if they AB at the same time? Or is it you autobid and still have to wait till the 22nd for the auction to end?
SeraphEnigma23 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Well usually an AB is a fixed price slightly higher than the SB price, you pay it. you get the character as soon as you pay.

But since it is Christmas, Instead of a fixed priced AB. Made it an offer thing. If you offer an AB and someone challenges your AB with a higher on then you guys bid against each other till the other surrenders.

BUT this will only work when someone offers a higher AB price.Time lapse for this is whenever I check the bids again so it can be anytime.

Otherwise...if noone challenges you by the time I come back to check on the bids. you win hands down.

Hope that helps?
Greatly Thank you!
Fly-Sky-High Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hnngh, my heart! ;u; they are all so cute!! :heart: Between demons and angels I really can't decide which are the cutest.
SeraphEnigma23 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks! I made them that way!
WritingRin Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Oops, I thought the numbers were going across. I bidded for #2 by mistake. That was meant for #5. And I see that she's already been bought and paid for :(

Can you hide my bid on #2? The ones for #1 & #8 are correct though!
SeraphEnigma23 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Noted.I'll do that. thanks!
SeraphEnigma23 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
BID FOR #08: Throne Angel Ori:
Weird, for some reason on my page my AB vanished on this post. Its still shows on the updated journal. Not sure what happened, but I thought to let you know that some comments are not visible any more.
Nevermind I think DA glitched
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